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We now live in a society that is highly focused & driven on making money. Our young people lack the confidence, knowledge and experience to seek legitimate ways of making money. Our young people are also not given the opportunities to seek legitimate ways of earning money.


It is no wonder that from a young age many young people try and make money by any means necessary.


As we are aware, a lot of young girls are going missing lately, away from the safety of friends & family. Through group discussions and awareness we have learned that some young women who tend to go missing are going to ‘COUNTRY’
This means they are doing illegal drug runs for older guys, gangs etc. Putting their lives & futures at risk.


With the rise of Young Women being sexually exploited, we at Skye Alexandra House are committed and passionate to make a change, today.


Skye Alexandra House, will begin a two day HASHTAG #AntiRunnersStopCSE to raise awareness on young women who are going missing and being exploited.


Please join us in this movement, we would love you to take a picture with your trainers or sneakers on with the HASHTAG #AntiRunnersStopCSE then, Tag us @SkyeAlexHse on FaceBook or Twitter!


Let’s spread the word & raise awareness



Remi Curtis
[email protected]

Hi, my name is Remi Curtis and I am a 24-year-old female with a passion to empower and help others. I love to inspire and support other young women. I come from a Psychology background and currently support adolescents with mental health difficulties. I will share advice, news, tips, also information and updates of the work at Skye Alexandra House. Which hopefully you will all find useful! As well as an ‘Ask Remi Corner’ where you the readers whether parent or young women can write in for advice. Stay tuned!

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