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June News

June News

June News


Hello & Welcome back!


Updates/What have we been up to?


Skye Alexandra House Blog Writer Remi Curtis, personal blog has been featured on Kojo Comedian new website The Colour Network under category ‘Most Popular Blog’


– Inspiring Butterflies summer workshops will be coming soon! Keep watching for future updates

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Hot Topic

This months hot topic is titled: Your Health/Mental Wellbeing – Looking after you.


Looking after yourself is so important, we spend so much time focusing on others, our kids, parents, friends, work, school and rarely focus on ourselves. Our Mental and Psychological wellbeing is something we take for granted and it’s not until crisis point when we take action.


Managing your stress levels and allowing yourself some ‘me’ time is a recipe for a healthy you. Whether it is work commitments, family, relationship, school, Uni… etc etc… It is always vital to understand the importance of looking after yourself.


As some may know, from a previous newsletter, I have just began a new role training as a Psychological wellbeing Practioner, which means providing cognitive behavioral therapy based interventions to those suffering with common mental health problems. I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge already, and this month will be sharing some tips on how to manage stress and look after your health/mental wellbeing.


6 Ways to manage Stress:


1. Keep a positive realistic attitude, – we can’t control every situation, but we can control how we respond to it. How you think about a situation and event will effect how you feel & behave.


2. Say No, when you Can. – If something is not manageable for you, say NO. Don’t take things on which will add to your stress levels.


3. Make time for hobbies and Interests – sometimes we become so consumed with life, we forget to do the things we enjoy!


4. Stand up for yourself – be polite, respectful when sharing your feelings and beliefs. Instead of becoming angry or defensive.


5. Eat better. – Stay away from foods with too much sugar. Try and consume a balanced diet of fruit, veg & protein.


6. Don’t overthink situations. – Ask yourself what you can do/change about a situation. Then weigh up the pros and cons and take action if you can.


We all have stress in life, because life isn’t something we control. But when stress does arise, are we managing that stress or is it managing you?


As cliché as this will sound – Life is too short, enjoy it! Because the next day promises nothing!


In The News


In the News

• Couple on the run after being convicted of sexual exploitation charges


• Urgent Inquiry over eight missing children


• Prostitution is Sexual Exploitation?


• Ignoring an epidemic of Child Sexual Abuse in Britain


• Ex Deputy Director of Downing Street avoids prison after child images conviction


Question of the Month


I strongly believe a dream/goal/idea should be always backed up with a plan. It gives us something to work towards and also guides us in what steps to take to make it happen. So, for the remainder of the year, lets work on achieving our goals. Write down and answer these questions

What are two things I have achieved so far this year? What do I want to achieve for the rest of the year? What steps will I take to make this happen? How will I make this happen & by when?




Q: I am struggling to move on from a past relationship, and I keep contacting my last partner even though the relationship is over and he is not good for me. – 22 year old female


A: Hey, thank you for sending this to me. Moving on can be quite difficult and is something that takes time. There is no right or wrong answer on how to do so, but there are things that can help. If you are finding it difficult to stop contacting this person, maybe you could try deleting the number – or doing other things to distract yourself? But give yourself time and do what is best for you. Remi x


Please keep sending your questions in to [email protected] Subject #DearRemi


Any relevant business and advertisement opportunities please contact [email protected]

Remi Curtis
[email protected]

Hi, my name is Remi Curtis and I am a 24-year-old female with a passion to empower and help others. I love to inspire and support other young women. I come from a Psychology background and currently support adolescents with mental health difficulties. I will share advice, news, tips, also information and updates of the work at Skye Alexandra House. Which hopefully you will all find useful! As well as an ‘Ask Remi Corner’ where you the readers whether parent or young women can write in for advice. Stay tuned!

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