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Skye News

Skye News



Happy New Year to all! It’s the beginning of 2016 and I’m so excited to start this newsletter. My name is Remi and I am a new writer for Skye Alexandra House & I cant wait to bring some inspiring, uplifting & exciting information to your eyes. This newsletter will be updated once a month, so be sure to watch this space!


What have we have been up to? / Future events


• ‘Inspiring butterflies’ takes place – Monday & Tuesdays @ 4.30-6.30pm Email for details.
• Look out for information on our ‘DARE TO BE DIFFERENT EVENT’ coming soon.


January’s Hot Topic: Achieving Goals


I felt this very appropriate as we start a new year and focus on new goals we want to achieve. Sometimes, we feel that we have to make and set goals that are really ambitious, but that’s not the case. From personal experience, I have found goals are to be, realistic, achievable and personal. When goals are realistic and achievable it becomes easier to work towards, because you feel it can be done. Start with something small and develop that into something bigger. For example, one of my 2016 goals is to start dating and taking relationships more seriously, which is realistic and achievable. If I had said my 2016 goal is to get married I may have found that more harder to achieve. So I will start with something small, (dating) and it may lead to something bigger! (Marriage)
• Write down 5 things you want to achieve in 2016, memorise them and keep it somewhere safe. Start working towards your goals! Who said it can’t be done? Remember anything is possible with the right attitude and hard work! Get Achieving!


In the News


• People who bully their partners can now spend up to 5 years in Jail

• Number of missing children at risk of sexual exploitation has tripled in 3 years

• Care leavers are almost three times as likely to not be in education, employment & training due to lack of support.




Skye Alexandra house will feature an advice service, questions will be submitted via email to – [email protected] and these will be answered! (Typical replies will be 48 hours). Questions and answers will also be presented in this monthly news, but these will remain anonymous. As your question may be helpful to someone else with the same dilemma! Questions can be on any subject: advice, relationship, family, career, sex, education, financial worries, friendships etc

Any relevant business and advertisement opportunities please contact [email protected]

Remi Curtis
[email protected]

Hi, my name is Remi Curtis and I am a 24-year-old female with a passion to empower and help others. I love to inspire and support other young women. I come from a Psychology background and currently support adolescents with mental health difficulties. I will share advice, news, tips, also information and updates of the work at Skye Alexandra House. Which hopefully you will all find useful! As well as an ‘Ask Remi Corner’ where you the readers whether parent or young women can write in for advice. Stay tuned!

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