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Who We Are

Skye Alexandra House provides trauma informed care services where vulnerable girls and young women who receive our support are not only the heart of the home but also play an intricate part in shaping the services and help they receive. It was created out of the founder’s desire to provide solutions to the increasing problems of exploitation being experienced by many vulnerable girls / young women in London and beyond. 

In order to address the trauma caused by these negative experiences, Skye Alexandra House has developed a tailored a therapeutic approach using various resources and approaches to engage with girls / young women and peer professionals. Skye Alexandra House uses a range of qualified and experienced individuals to achieve its aims.

Our Aims

Skye Alexandra House has 4 key aims:

To provide a therapeutic, 24 hour safe haven for vulnerable girls/young women (16-21) at risk of child sexual and criminal exploitation.

To provide trauma informed care to reassure vulnerable girls / young women and promote a culture of safety, empowerment and healing. 

To provide guidance and training for industry professionals enabling them to identify, support and work with vulnerable girls / young women affected by child sexual and criminal exploitation (for example, missing and county lines).

To develop a bank of resources of knowledge and information and facilitate workshops to inform and support training across the industry.

Why We Exist

There are various social factors that can place young girls in a number of situations where they can be exploited. From the work we do with schools, colleges, local authorities and parents, we have been able to identify a significant area of concern faced by many girls and young women. Patterns of behaviour often include a combination of some of the following:

Peer pressure
Absent parents
Trauma / Trauma faced by parents
Parental substance misuse
Childhood sexual abuse
Gang involvement
Child criminal exploitation
Child sexual exploitation

Often when faced with either one or several of the above list, children are forced to function without the necessary skills to cope with situations they face in life. Children without the necessary coping skills are often unknowingly vulnerable to abuse from others, such as parents, family associates, peers and strangers.

Skye Alexandra House offers a home, life skills and support to remove young girls from these vulnerable situations and provides them with the guidance to make good decisions and lead fulfilled lives. We are passionate about the growth and personal development of  girls and young women and use the metaphor of the developing butterfly to represent that ‘change takes time’. Since our inception in 2014 we have supported thousands of girls and raised awareness across the London boroughs and beyond.

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